Someday Farm | The New Old House

The Architectural Story

The main house at Someday Farm was designed as a “New Old House” following the eight design principles popularized by Russell Versaci, AIA.  In his book  “Creating a New Old House, Yesterday’s Character for Today’s Home.  In his book, Versaci explains how to create a new old house using eight pillars of design:  Invent within the rules, respect the character of the place, tell a story over time, build for the ages, detail for authenticity, craft with natural materials, create the patina of age, and incorporate modern conveniences.  Consulting architect on the project was Jim Boyd of Heyward, Boyd & Anderson, P.C.  Charlottesville, Virginia.  Builder was John Anderson, PE.

The Nuts and Bolts

Homeworks Lighting System
Bose Hardwired Sound System
Whole House Generator